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India is currently in the midst of an IT revolution. Virtually every segment of the industry-from banking to defense-is going in for large-scale computerization in order to cope with new market realities and gain global competitiveness. Rapid automation however, is creating a tremendous need for relevantly skilled professionals who can spearhead IT implementation within their organizations. Today, India requires the following:
Users that are well-versed in state-of-the-art technologies being deployed across their organizations Technical staff that needs constant reskilling.
Different levels of IT know-how for different levels of management in order to ensure strategic and tactical utilization of IT investments.
Operational personnel with skills in implementing various packaged and enterprise applications.

Computer kendra's Training Solution

Recognizing the requirement within organizations for end-users with generic and vendor-specific technology skills and certifications, especially on the desktop platform, Computer kendra is offering a vast spectrum of IT programs catering to diverse audiences. Computer kendra is providing IT training in various cutting-edge platforms and technologies .

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